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Emerging Issues and examples

 At the programme meeting on the 28th Jan we will be looking at how your projects have moved on since the baseline reviews.  In the morning activity we will be asking you to share and discuss these emerging issues and provide examples of how you have addressed some of the issues identified in the baseline.

We have produced six summary briefings which have captured the issues from the baseline report and also project interim reports, assembly reports and visit reports.

  • APEL
  • Negotiated Frameworks for Courses        
  • Mentoring
  • Employer Engagement for teaching and learning
  • Technology and Standards
  • e-Portfolios


The discussion will be themed around

  • Table 1 (the provider:) Negotiated frameworks for courses and APEL
  • Table 2 (the employer): Employer engagement for workforce development
  • Table 3 (the learner): e-portfolios, mentoring and workplace-based learning practice

and you will have an opportunity to participate in each table discussion.

The discussion questions for each table are:

  1. Considering the points in the baseline reports and summary briefings (in respect of the table theme):
    1. Do you agree with the lessons and issues identified?
    2. How far has your project progressed?
  2. The briefing papers have identified some examples. Can you provide further specific concrete examples to illustrate your project’s contribution?


Time will be limited and we’d like to capture as much as possible from you at this stage. In preparation for the activity and also so we can gather the information can you please complete the attached proforma and bring it with you to the meeting. It will be your prompt for the discussions and we’d also like a copy to inform the synthesis.

If you have any corrections to the information in the six summary briefings then please edit and send these to

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